Barbara Shaffer

St. Louis' Top Pet Stylist

Barb started grooming in 1971 and opened her first shop, The Dog House, in 1974.  After operating two successful grooming shops she started St. Louis' first mobile grooming service, The Galloping Groomer.  Barb has been active in the grooming industry for forty years, with several other successful grooming shops to her credit.

Following The Dog House came Dog Gone Pretty, The Galloping Groomer, The Barking Lot, Reigning Cats & Dogs and The Missouri School of Dog Grooming.

Barb is one of St. Louis' few Certified Master Groomers  and only mobile Certified Master Groomer.   In 1989 she opened The Missouri School of Dog Grooming to share her experience and provide skilled groomers for the industry.   Barb was head instructor for fourteen years and has been active in international certification programs. 

Barb won national grooming competitions in Terriers, Bichon Frise, Creative Styling and Mixed Breeds.   In addition to teaching students at The Missouri School of Dog Grooming, she has been a valued speaker at national grooming seminars.

Barb has enjoyed showing dogs for the past fifteen years, and is involved in show grooming and presenting the correct breed standard in each breed recognized by the American Kennel Club.

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