A lot of work for a cold soda...

The refrigerator is a Norcold, combination gas and electric unit, Model 322.  As installed, LP Gas will be the primary power, with 110 VAC being available whenever the generator is running.  The unit is built in to a cabinet on the curb side of the vehicle, just to the rear of the door.

Installation required cabinet work since the rear of the unit had to be enclosed in a particular way to facilitate ventilation for cooling and combustion.  This was actually one of the more time consuming tasks in the project.

There are two openings in the outside of the vehicle, as seen in the photo below.  The lower opening allows cool air in to flow over the heat-producing components and out the upper vent.

( Click on the photos for enlargement)

The lower vent uses the supplied grill which opens to allow access to controls for the unit.  The supplied upper grill had the same amount of vent opening, but did not open.  It also had a larger flange that interfered with the grab bar by the door, so another vent, matching the lower unit was used.

It was a bit tricky getting the gas and electrical supplies into the unit.  The left photo below shows the connections, accessible through the lower vent.

The gas fitting, lower right, uses a standard 3/8" copper supply with flare fitting.  The supply line runs across the bottom of the compartment and up the left side.  The gas supply runs through the adjacent compartment of the cabinet and loops back to the left side of the combustion chamber. as shown in the right photo, above.

Electrical power enters the combustion chamber next to the gas supply, runs across the top of chamber and down the right side to a small Wiremold surface-mount receptacle box.  Norcold confirmed the gas line could be run in the top portion of the combustion chamber.  The BX, shielded cable uses 90 C degree wiring and has an additional heat shield across the top of the chamber.

The cabinet was designed to fill the space between the door and bathtub.  The left portion was for the fridge.  The top of the combustion chamber sloped outward.  That, upper portion from the inside, will become a drawer space.

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