Bath Tub

Its just a bathtub right?   Not...

We pestered Mark Arndt of Forever with questions for over a year before we finally ordered.  We liked all the bells and whistles on the Forever tub.  Our main issue was the size of the tub.  The standard 48" unit was a little too big.  Mark was willing to customize the size. 

The placement, across the rear of the grooming space had the tub and bathroom sharing the rear wall.  We finally struck the balance of the 42" tub, with external recalculating well, and a 36" bathroom.  Forever also made some custom strips to secure the top of the tub.  One, for the right side was just a plain strip.  The strip for the rear was built in to a shelf for shampoo bottles.  We also had the tub made without legs and the associated attachments, so the tub could be permanently secured independent of the floor.

The tub is heavy.  Not the kind of thing you move around by yourself.  I made a temporary dolly for the unit so I could place it in position and then move it to work.  Placement of the tub was critical for the routing of air from the furnace to the grooming space.