Forever made the holding cage as well as the tub.  The cage, like everything it seems, is slightly customized.  We started with a basic 24" x 24" x 48" cage, that would normally be a double cage with optional divider.  Our goal was to have a cage capable of holding a large dog.  To conserve space, the left half of the cage is obstructed by the counter on the left side of the grooming area.  What would normally be a cage door was replaced with a solid panel.  A slide out divider separates the two sides of the cage and slides out, right in front of the counter.  The right side door was modified to hinge on the left and latch on the right.  Normally the doors hinge on the outside of the cage and latch in the middle.  The Forever cage was chosen partially because Mark Arndt, of Forever, would make modifications, and partially because the other stainless steel cages we found were 28" deep, which in our limited space was a drawback.

Installed Cage