Last but not least...

The grooming table was one of the very last components into the mix.  Not because it was unimportant, but because we knew where it was going and what we wanted it to do and just didn't have a make/model in mind.

The space for the table was determined by its surrounding, namely the bathroom and drawer unit on one side and the cage on the other.  Ultimately we ended up with 38 inches of free space for the table.  There was another constraint, the door on the cage unit.  The cage door had to be able to open to at least 90 degrees.

Barb wanted an adjustable powered table to assist with the lifting of large dogs as well as the optimal positioning of the dog.  The available, 38" space was a little small for most of the tables on the market.  Another issue with many of the powered tables was the fact that they didn't go "straight" up and down.  The table platform would move sideways by as much as six inches between its lowest and highest positions.  This wouldn't be a problem in most situations, but we didn't have the space for the sideways travel.

We ended up with the Low Boy from Ascot Products.  This is a well constructed "scissors" lift using an electric powered jack-screw mechanism adjustable from 6" to 42" in height.  The table also has an accessory skirt, or bellows, to hide the scissors and reduce hair in the mechanical area.  The standard top for the Low Boy is 41" wide.  The vendor for the unit, Midwest Grooming Supplies & Service, provided a custom top to our dimensions, which ended up being 23" x 37".  The custom top also featured a continuous, seamless covering that "wrapped" the edges.  The material is the same as used for pickup truck bed liners.

Barbara had hoped to use the included casters to make the unit moveable.  Unfortunately, an object this heavy must be securely mounted in a vehicle.  The photo below shows a reinforced bracket fabricated to secure the unit to the wall.  Each bracket is secured with three large screws into the wall and three bolts tapped into the table's base member.  Anchoring directly to the floor would have been very functional, but we did not want to penetrate the epoxy coating on the floor.

Ascot photo of unit
with Bellows Ascot photo of unit with bellows
Detail of mounting bracket
Detail of right angle electrical connections
Detail of right angle electrical connections