There are actually two thermostats in the system.  The first is a basic residential type unit to control the temperature in the grooming compartment.  The second is a commercial unit, mounted in the rear, equipment, compartment.  The second unit operated in the near-freezing range to prevent the water systems from freezing.

Primary Thermostat

The thermostat
Wiring diagram, ( as used )

There is one special feature about the thermostat, RiteTemp 8035c, chosen.  The lowest temperature setpoint for the heating control function is 35 degrees Fahrenheit.  It is "vertical" which worked for the control panel area, and it is programmable, with a separate schedule for each, of seven, day of the week.  The unit is a general replacement device for a variety of heat and cool installation.  In our case, we use only the heating control.  Our air conditioner has an integrated thermostat. 

The unit also has options for power.  Most residential installations provide a low, 24 VAC, voltage for the control circuit.  The thermostat uses two AA batteries.  If the 24 volt power is available, the batteries are only for memory retention in the event of a power failure.  If the 24 volt power is not present, the unit runs off the batteries directly.  In this configuration the batteries should last about a year.  We chose this, unpowered, option, rather than provide a transformer to power the thermostat.  Since the heating season is less than six months long, one set of batteries should easily make the season.

Secondary Thermostat

A second thermostat, mounted in the rear compartment protects water in the systems around 35 degrees Fahrenheit regardless of exterior temperature.  The grooming and equipment compartments should be close to the same temperature, since return air flows through the rear compartment, however the rear compartment probably cools faster because there are cutouts for water heaters, furnace, etc.  A second thermostat is mounted in the rear to accurately sense the rear compartment temperature.  Both thermostats are normally open circuits that close to activate the furnace.  As such, they are connected in paralell.

The unit in the rear compartment uses the same program continuously, simply set to turn on heat at 35 degrees.

Manufacturer Documentation


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