Gray Water

Wash water waste

The wash, or gray, water tank comes from Ardemco.  They have a variety of sizes and place the openings on a custom basis.  The design goal was to carry about 100 gallons of fresh water and have a holding tank of about 50 gallons.  The main constraints were the depth of the equipment area, 25" and the height of the tub.  This translated into an Ardemco model B507 tank, at 33.25" x 24.5" x 15" translates to 47 gallons.  The tanks were available in two wall thicknesses, 1/8" and 1/4".  We chose the heavier tank.  The photo below shows a markup in the vehicle, with some rings showing the inlet and outlet locations.  The dimensional diagram shows the specifics.  Here is the document faxed to Ardemco for the order.  Ardemco is available on the web.

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Installation of tank

The tank is installed on a bed of silicone caulking and secured on the left, bottom edge with a 1" angle.  The legs of the freshwater tank support cradle the rear-left corner.

Insert Pic of installed tank