Water Heater Connections

The controls are located on a panel by the side door.  The attic space is connected to the rear equipment area by conduits on the roof.  The 12 volt power, positive and negative, is provided, in the attic by conductors not shown here.

For each dual switch control, only the orange, white and blue wires are extended directly from the heater to the control, using 16 AWG conductors.  B+ and B- are shared and wired with red and black conductors respectively.  Power for the heaters/controls is provided by the grooming service batteries.

Two groups of Yellow/White/Blue run from the water heaters to the control panel, along with two Blue wires for the thermostat.  They join a 12 AWG Black conductor at the entry junction in the rear compartment for the run to the devices.  A 12 AWG Red conductor runs forward to the attic control panel to supply the switches.  The furnace draws about five amps.  The line, shared with the two water heater control circuits is fused at 15 amps.

Water Heater Wire

Connect To:


Yellow to switch   (16 AWG )


White to switch   (16 AWG )


Blue to Switch Lamp   (16 AWG )


Ground, Black   (12 AWG )