Look Around - Low Tech

We made the decision to duplicate the basic viewing configuration of the Version 1 school bus.  The goal was to have large, flat side-view mirrors mounted on the doors and convex, "blind spot" or "lane change" mirrors mounted as far forward as possible on the fenders.  These are in addition to the side-view and rear-view camera systems.

Since most commercial trucks are utilitarian vehicles built on a tight budget, typical mirror configurations were limited.  Hours spent on interstate highways demonstrated a wide variety of mirrors on larger trucks.  A bit of "Googling" located a manufacturer, Velvac, that made a full line of mirrors for everything from RVs to OTR trucks. 

We selected a "20 20" style mirror.  These are available in combinations that include both flat and convex/wide angle units mounted on the cab door.  We chose the Standard model, which comes with a stick on convex mirror we will not use.  These units are heated and offer the same remote/internal positioning features found on most automobiles.

For wide angle viewing of the "blind spots" for lane changing, we chose a separate mirror, mounted forward on the fenders.  Velvac had three basic styles, two of which might work.  As it turned out, the front fender of the GMC cab have a double wall that allows convenient mounting of mirrors in the very front of the fenders.  We chose the "Mod Pod" mirrors, offering the cleanest appearance.

The drawing below shows the visibility pattern from the mirrors.