Every grooming space needs storage, all the more so for one that moves.  Like most of the systems in the vehicle, there was no perfect off-the-shelf solution.  There are three primary storage areas:

  • The street-side cabinet, along with the refrigerator

  • The drawer unit next to the bathroom

  • The "attic" at the front, overhanging the cab

These all became their own projects.

This picture shows the streetside cabinet, with the refrigerator open.  This unit was a challenge due to the requirements for ventilating the refrigerator.  It seems counterintuitive, but the fridge cools by burning propane.  More on that here...

As for storage, there is a drawer filling in the space over the fridge, and a cabinet space holding a vacuum cleaner and shelves, used primarily for towels.  We had a stainless steel door fabricated since it is right next to the bathtub.  This picture also shows the quartz material countertops.

This ten drawer unit offers quite a bit of storage.  Drawers are built from oak, thoroughly waterproofed and fronted with Formica, mounted on heavy-duty steel slides.  The pulls on the front connect to a custom blind latch to keep the drawers closed during transit.
The attic storage space is primarily the portion above the drying cage/counter area.  The right side of the attic, behind the control panel, hold the microwave oven and a variety of connections and controls, including the primary computer.