First Look
Water Systems


Construction started with a mock up of the grooming and equipment spaces in the basement, allowing visualization of the space and its components.  This was done prior to ordering the vehicle.  The vehicle was ordered July 17, 2004.    After a fairly painful process, the new chassis/body hit our driveway March 1, 2005, a mere seven and one half months later.

Starting Point

To start with, the body was a complete shell with generator.  The local Supreme Industries facility did a nice job of remounting the factory-supplied generator, adding underbody toolboxes, skirting and fabricating a custom rear bumper with covering.  These tasks were apparently beyond the capabilities of the central factory.

Here are a few pictures of the starting point...

Select from the links on the left for information about the various systems and how they were built.  For information about why particular components were selected, see the design portion of this discussion.

Finished Product

Below are a few overall pictures.

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Rear view, doors closed
Rear view, doors open
Curb-side view
Street-side view
Grooming area, street-side
Grooming area, curb-side
Bath tub