The Truck

After the Groomer comes the Vehicle

Mobile grooming has increased dramatically in recent years.  When Barb started St. Louis' first mobile grooming, in 1981, it was a novelty.  Now converted vehicles, designed for grooming, are available "off the shelf."

Even today, nothing available met all of Barb's requirements so Paws At Your Door is based on a custom-built vehicle.  The business started with a used vehicle while the ultimate version was in design and construction

We have no plans to build more vehicles, so here, in a free format, is a diary about the design and construction.  If you are a groomer considering mobile grooming, you should be asking questions about the vehicle you will use.

There are two main areas you should consider when evaluating a vehicle.  First, is it safe, as a vehicle, to drive ( and potentially crash )?  Make sure heavy objects, like water tanks are secured in such a way they will not tear the vehicle apart or crush the driver.  Then, make sure you have a comfortable, functional workspace for grooming.  Here you will find out how we answered those questions. 

By putting this information here it is obviously for public consumption.  If you find it helpful, or have comments, please send an email.  If you will use this information for profit, please make some modifications so it doesn't look like a rip-off.

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