Air conditioning in  St. Louis is a critical system.  We chose the Carrier Air V HC unit primarily for the ease of cleaning intake filters.  That may seem trivial, but in the grooming environment I felt the single most important issue would be keeping the unit "breathing."  The unit provides 15,000 btu of cooling, slightly more than the typical 13,500 for the RV market.  Coleman seems to have a large share of this market and more sales/service outlets, at least in St. Louis.

But, as I mentioned, the Carrier unit has quick, slide out filter panels which can be cleaned, hopefully on a daily basis, in a minute or two.  Competitive units had an involved filter removal process.  Anyway, on to the installation.

We have lighting running down the center of the ceiling, so the AC unit is offset to the curb side.  This also conformed with a recommendation to locate it closer to the door.  The unit is designed to install in a standard 14" vent opening, and installation was straight forward.  Once the hole is cut and power run to the area, it is just a matter of bolting the interior ceiling unit to the rooftop unit.

Owner's/Installation guide in PDF format