Fresh Water


The fresh water system might be one of the first things you think about in a grooming vehicle.  When I mention the grooming vehicle to non-groomers who have given no thought to mobile grooming, a typical first question might be; "So you carry water and wash the dog in the truck?"  A close second question might be; "How much water does it hold?"

Fresh water holding tanks in conversion vehicles didn't seem optimal.  Capacities were small.  Mounting was inadequate for the massive potential "weight" of the full tank in any kind of collision.  Baffling of the tanks was inadequate to keep water from shifting/sloshing during vehicle operation.  These issues are addressed in the design.

A retractable hose system makes filling the system convenient, as does an automatic cutoff to avoid overfilling.

Up Tank Water Pump Hose Reel Mixer Valve Bilge Buddy Piping