Portable Power

An early search and past experience narrowed generator selection to Cummins/Onan.  From this manufacturer, the Marquis line was selected based primarily on favorable noise ratings. 


After selecting a family of generators, the power or size of the generator is the next step.  Within the Marquis line, the choice is 5,500 Watts ( 45.8 Amps ) or 7,000 Watts ( 58.3 Amps )  Initially the 5,500 seemed adequate to provide 15 - 20 Amps for both the air conditioner and blow dryer simultaneously.  Feedback from the Atlanta Groomer's Fair suggested the 5,500 was barely adequate and suggested using the 7,000.  The price increment was relatively small.  Physical attributes of the two models are the same, so the 7,000 Watt was selected.

Commercial Version

There are two models in the Marquis line, commercial and standard.  I didn't get precise definition of the differences, but the commercial model is "beefed up."  The warranty on the commercial model is shorter, one year, than the non-commercial model.  However, I was told, by a dealer, that if the non-commercial model is installed in an obviously commercial application, like the grooming truck, only a one year warranty will be honored.

Installation and Accessories

Through iterations of sizing and selecting the body for the vehicle, generator location varied.  The final location is in a "tool box" under the floor at the front of the streetside.  Ultimately the generator was purchased from the truck body provider, Supreme Industries, who installed the unit in a custom enclosure with a slide-out shelf for maintenance.

Marquis 7000 Brochure         Front View