Electrical Systems

Power To Go

Obviously, Electricity is a critical component for the project.  Three major areas require power:

  • Grooming equipment

  • Life support

  • System support

Since a primary design goal is free-standing independence, a generator is a requirement.  Some items require 110 VAC power at times, and in amounts, that make running the generator impractical.  Hence an inverter system to provide AC power from batteries is included.  The headings below link to more detailed discussion of the various components.

System support

Systems supporting the vehicle include computer and monitor systems.  These will run 24 X 7 and require 110 VAC power.  Some of these systems require small quantities of power that don't warrant running the big generator continuously.  These systems  are powered from an inverter.

Grooming equipment

Electrical grooming equipment covers everything from the clipper to the high-powered dryer.  In this context, lighting could be considered grooming equipment.  For design purposes all equipment, including grooming equipment, is divided in two categories; things that might be powered by the inverter and things like dryers that could only be powered directly by the generator.

Life support

Life support, here, is a fancy name for environmental systems, HVAC.  The furnace will burn LP gas for heat.  The furnace is controlled by a digital thermostat designed for residential use.  Details on thermostat...

The 15,000 BTU air conditioner is powered directly by the generator.


The primary source of power for the service portion of the vehicle.  The vehicle will also be configured to allow connection to utility or "shore" power, but given the full power requirements of all systems, 50 - 60 Amps, suitable supplies will be available only at a limited number of locations.


The device that converts battery power to AC and manages the charging of the batteries, including the automatic starting of the generator when battery reserve drops.


Selecting the type and number of batteries to provide power to the inverter is important to get balanced operation of the generator and the investment in the inverter.

Battery Management

The Trace/Xantrex inverter/charger provides what will probably be the primary means of recharging the battery bank.  The vehicle, however, offers an essentially free source of electricity while it is running.  The truck's alternator is designed primarily to power the vehicle's systems and recharge its own battery.  There is sufficient over-capacity to use the alternator to help charge the grooming batteries.  Here is information on the components used to control the alternator and charging of the grooming batteries.

Electrical Breaker/Fuse Designations

Up Generator Inverter Batteries Distribution Lighting