Batteries Included...

It seems obvious that the generator only provides power, a lot of it, when it is running.  Some systems in the truck require smaller amounts of continuous power, 24/7.  These include, primarily computer systems and some small appliances for convenience.

110 VAC power from batteries is provided by an inverter.  These devices frequently include the ability to recharge connected batteries, and potentially control a generator to provide power when needed to recharge batteries.

The requirement then was for an inverter/charger with automatic generator control.  The addition of the generator control requirement eliminates many lower cost/capacity units.  An additional preference, or requirement, was an available interface for a personal computer.

Power required from the inverter was at least 1,000 Watts.  Typical units providing this power range from 1,500 - 2,500 Watts.  Finally the Trace  Engineering, model SW2500 unit was selected.  This unit meets all requirements, providing 2,500 Watts of sine wave output, with extremely configurable battery charging and generator control features, and a computer communications interface.

As time goes by...

Xantrex, a manufacturer of inverters, in recent years has acquired several other manufacturers of inverters, including Trace Engineering.  As of vehicle order, July 2004, Xantrex has a new product line, RS series, in limited release.  As this line becomes fully available and mature, it will be a viable substitute.  Xantrex indicates the SW Series of inverters will continue to be manufactured under the Trace name for a period of at least a year, and supported thereafter, so we chose to go with the mature, field hardened unit.