110 Volt


Where to start?  The generator?  Inverter? 

The big power comes from the Onan Marquis 7KW generator.  This supplies the large appliances, like the AC and dryer directly, and must be running to use these.  The other source of 110 VAC is the Trace SW2512 inverter.  This unit will provide a constant 2,500 watts, or about 22 Amps of current, drawing from batteries.  The system has a large battery bank, but that is the topic of another area. 

To help manage generator runtime, the lighter appliances and lights run off the inverter.  Therefore, if the AC is not required, most of the grooming can be accomplished without the generator.  The generator can be started for drying and to replenish the batteries, which are also charged from the vehicle system, when running.

External Hookups

  • Inlet   - Leviton 15378-CWP, NEMA 5-20P  ( male )

  • Outlet - Leviton 15379-CWP, NEMA 5-20R  ( female )

Up Generator Inverter Distribution Lighting